A Show Anger –Jilbab Day.

As a show of soldarity to six Wollo university Muslim students,Ethiopian Muslims around the world are to hold "Jilbab Day"on June 10,2011,a beginning of a week long action and part of continuous actions planned. In the absence of any organisation that represents Ethiopian Muslims in advancing thier issues,a group that called itself "Ethiopian Muslims for Justice and Freedom" seems to have taken the responsibility of coordinating this campaign. The group has established a rapid presence on the cyber world (facebook,google group,twitter) and we have received a couple of their messages. The following is one such message:

Aselamu Aleykum Werahmetullahi Weberekatuhu!!!

To All Ethiopian Muslims reading thins message! A well orchestrated conspiracy is being undertaken against Ethiopian Muslims. Mahbere Kidusan of the Orthodox Church and EPRDF has executed their plan to undermine Ethiopian Muslims and leave us at the mercy of the Church. EPRDF in the last 20 years (specially the last 5 to 6 years) have been strategically undermining the active existence of Ethiopian Muslims. The major one of these strategies was to prevent Muslims from having a genuine leader who cares about the welfare and rights of Ethiopian Muslims. We have now no way of fighting for our rights freely. Not having a truthful leader has disintegrated our Islamic Unity. The main actors of this horrible crime are EPRDF &its accessories.  

Dear Muslims…even though EPRDF labels its enemies as “remnants of the past oppressive regime”,it has not been able to cure itself from this very sickness. Accordingly,in collaboration with the Deacons and Priests of Mahbere Kidusan deep in its roots,EPRDF has been systematically oppressing and persecuting Muslim students in the whole country. In the past in Awasa,Addis Ababa,Jimma &Jijiga Universities,the Holly Qur’an that we love more than our life has been dropped in the toilet by none other than EPRDF that we have supported for many years. In addition to all these aggressions,EPRDF has imprisoned those pure Muslims who have tried to do something about this horrible crime. Even though people were caught red handed when dropping the Holy Qur’an in the toilet,EPRDF has mentioned on its own secret document that the Muslims deliberately created a drama of the Qur’an in the toilet…blaming Muslims themselves for the Qur’an incident.  

The Prime Minister has also said clearly that “fanatic Muslims are a threat to Ethiopia”labeling every Muslim as one. (You can find the scanned documents in the photo section.)  In Jimma,EPRDF has imprisoned the Muslims who came out to defend their Qur’an and has prevented them from being bailed out. They have set up a new court made up of Protestant judges and have sentenced hundreds of Muslims from 10 to 20 years. One protestant was allowed to testify against 30 Muslims in a way unknown in legal judiciary.  In the last 12 months,10 mosques have been burned down but the Government who claims to stand for Justice and Freedom has kept quiet and even blamed the Muslims for these crimes.  

All this have not satisfied EPRDF whom we have supported for many years. They are now planning to imprison our Da’is (propagators of Islam) and are doing their best to drive Muslim Merchants into bankruptcy. They are doing their best to drive Muslims out of Education by systematically obliging them to choose between their religion &education. More than 80 Muslims have been food poisoned last week in Haramaya University and are in Hospital. 6 Muslims students who wear jilbab have been abducted by security officials and are now in Maikelawi,facing an unfair interrogation and trial. All this is deliberately done at the time of exams to destroy any future educational success. These are only few examples in sight of all other conspiracies undertaken on the innocent Ethiopian Muslims.

Dear Muslims…We as Muslims believing in Allah and The Last day cannot keep quiet in all these oppressions! Tomorrow,we will be told not to wear Muslim caps &hats or shave our beard. We will be told not to go to Mesjid if we keep quiet now.  

Thus,Let us peacefully express our objection by wearing jilbab (Abaya) &Jelebia for Jum’a and all other Jum’as until our rights are sanctioned. The coming Friday has been named us “Jilbab Day!”

Let the government understand that we will never get back to the past oppression and fight legally for our rights. Let them know that we Mulims believe in “QADA WEL QEDER”and we are not afraid to fight for our rights in legitimate and legal ways!

Spread this message as much as you can. Allahu Akber! Allah is the Greatedst!!!

Allah does not forsake those who fight for Islam and Muslims!!!

Apart from cyber activity,Ethoipian Muslims are spreading the call through text messaging. Two version of the text that circulates around were sent to us and reads:

Version 1:

BeMslim lay Bedelu Qetilual:Beqiribu 6 yeUniv. temariwoch Tafinewal. Ehadeg Mslimun eyadakem new. Juma teqawmo lemegletse Jlbab &Jelbia enilbs. Astelalifu.Jzk

Version 2:

BeMslim lay Bedelu Qetilual:Quran tewardal. Mesjidoch teqatlewal. 6 yeUniv. temariwoch Tafinewal. Juma teqawmo lemegletse Jlbab &Jelbia enilbs. Astelalifu.Jzk

The dawn of change seems to be coming. For the last several years,Ethiopian Muslims has been under permanent and constant pressure and repression. The Ethiopian government has been treating Muslims without any little respect. All thier interests are traded to buy loyality from other religious communities who are well organised and thus harness influence. Ethiopian Muslims has long been docile and apparently not yet ready to say enough is enough. Would this initiative of the "Ethiopian Muslims for Justice and Freedom"be a beginning of a change to the status quo? It is too early to say any thing on that. The very intiative is however worth keeping eye on and do our best for it to grow and lead us to victory.

The way to success and victory is not an easy one specially for us who do not have any organisation,representative or functioning. Negashi OJ would like to express its appreciation for the group that came forward and took the responsibility of coordinating such an action that put our issue central. With that we would like to add comment which Ethiopian Muslims for Justice and Freedom and all of us might consider.

Ethiopia is a country of Ethiopian who are diverse in culture,belief,race,…A peacefull and prosperous Ethiopia can only be built on mutual understanding and cooperation of these diverse stalkholders. In this respect our movement should be focused and identify the body responsible for our problems. Several players can be identified:Christian Fundamentalist,both local and international,have been at the forefront of attacking Ethiopian Muslim and their intersts. Groups and individuals who aspire to roll the history back to the past have also been playing their share in creating choas and headache to Ethiopian Muslims. However all of these and other one may list down conven to one focal point –the body that welds power in rulling the country. As a government it is its sole responsibilty to punish criminals and deliver justice. In so far as we understand,in all action taken against Muslims,the government's hand is there,either in starting the attack or protecting the criminals. It is thus our hope that the group cristalize its target and sharpen its focus.

The other point we would like mention is the need to creating network and approaching Ethiopians who also struggle for Justice and Freedom. We understand that for many,the Ethiopian Muslims issue is hard to swallow. That should not however prevent us from reaching out to them. We hoped that the change that made the Dergue regime a history would finally deliver justice and freedom to oppressed people and nations of Ethiopia. Today 20 years later,the reality on the ground for Ethiopian Muslims is as grime as it has always been. It is natural that we aspire for a change and make ourselves ready for the price it might demand. The change shall insha Allah be fast if we manage to galvanising as much support and help as possible from all justice and freedom seeking people and groups.

It is important also that the group define how the Diaspora Ethiopian Muslim community can play a role in supporting the cause and the group's intended activities. As far as we know Ethiopian Muslims for Justice and Freedom is a purely local initiative. Yet the the Diaspora has a lot to contribute,thus be given a defined responsibility. We believe also that organised communities and organisations in the Diaspora and individuals should come forward and stand on alert to support the initiative as and when their support is sought.

Finally it is important to realize that success comes from Allah. Lets thus put all our trust on Him. Indeed Allah does not forsake those who fight for Islam –a way of life where Justice and Freedom are its core values.

Lets move to action. For the moment lets all take part by forwarding the standard sms message put above (pasted here below):

BeMslim lay Bedelu Qetilual:Beqiribu 6 yeUniv. temariwoch Tafinewal. Ehadeg Mslimun eyadakem new. Juma teqawmo lemegletse Jlbab &Jelbia enilbs. Astelalifu.Jzk

BeMslim lay Bedelu Qetilual:Quran tewardal. Mesjidoch teqatlewal. 6 yeUniv. temariwoch Tafinewal. Juma teqawmo lemegletse Jlbab &Jelbia enilbs. Astelalifu.Jzk


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  • jjejebo

    I beleive all this is done deliberatly to insite the muslim community by Woyane. We muslims shall do a very calculated move when a certain part of the government is against the muslim.

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