Conspiracy of Ethiopian Government &the Ahbash cult against Ethiopia Muslims

A Must see material about the conspiracy of the Ahbash rejected group and EPRDF government against Ethiopian Muslims.

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5 comments to Conspiracy of Ethiopian Government &the Ahbash cult against Ethiopia Muslims

    Brother,I agree with all of your points above except on 'wahabism.'  Al ahbash brand you as terrorist if you are wahabi. Why? because of exteme ideology or believe. Look around the world those who follow wahabi. Killings days in and days out in Somalia,in Afghanistan,and so on. On the other side of the coin I don't see killings in Al ahbash area. This is a fact.   So why those wahabis use our religion to rally their cause? In Somalia,Afganistan,middle eastern countries use religion name for their cause. Look at Amharas they call their front "Ginbot 7."not religion name.  In contrast somalis militia use religion to starve,kill and stone their people. Thus religion became killer terrorist. Amharas Ginbot 7 can kill and never painted as terrorists . You know why?
    Our problem is not wahabi or al ahbash,etc. It's their agenda. It's easy to dislodge al ahbash from the government and make peace with them. Our biggest problem is the big picture in Ethiopia which is the coptic christians and the new religion that entered our country supported by foreigners. Why they hate us? Just because we don't believe in their religion? If so we can not solve this peacefully as Eritrean. Get divorce. 
    The current government should learn from history. Coptic king Haile oppressed the Eritrean moslems and embrassed the Eritrean coptic christians. The moslems resisted forcefully and brought about freedom for Eritrea and the demise of Amhara king (moslem hater). This will repeat again if the government failed to see and learn from history.
    The coptic christian should examine and do research on their religion before their immense hate on our religion.  I see in their religion four things: 1)  christianity because they believe in trinity. 2) Judism. they believe in tabot. though those two don't go together. 3) Islam. They fast and prostrate like moslems. Also they mimics Mecca pilgrimage by going to a moslem mosque converted to 'Kulubee'in Harar by the feudal king. and the 4) paganism. They practice this by burning trees,'ado kebire', tie leave around their head,etc. In short their religion composed of the above four mentioned. Is this religion,culture or confused religion?  No wonder they hate our religion so much. 
    I urge all Ethiopian moslems stop jumping on each other's throat and focus on peaceful resistence to oppression,unjust,discrimination and unlawful rule of one minority religion over majority moslems. In Lebanon (20%) minority christians share the government with majority moslems. In many parts of the world pursue same. But why Ethiopia became unjust land for moslems majority?  Was it moslems weakness or what?
    What about that monistor city on the top of the hill called Axum. Why she treats its moslem citizens this way for over thousand years and not coptics? Axum not mentioned in the bible as a Vatican or Mecca? So what is the reason for this cruel and merciless oppression of the same tribe but different religion? Do you call this a peacefull religion even a religion?
    These are crucial and paramount issues need to be addressed and not Al ahbash.  Do not spread poisons on videos and other means against each other. Let us solve it peacefully as Arab springs did. As you said our problem is the Atses and now this government. This government broke its promises after infiltrated by remnants of the feudal. They complain if we build even mosques. PM Meles told them it's small mosques it's ok. What if it's big. We don't have the right for that. The coptics built churches with our tax money and here fight us on our own land,our money and our place. Their king used to own our soul,our land,our family,etc and now that evaporated more or less. I really don't think those people have brain unless become conscience when they see another Eritrea under their nose. 

  • ga

    Z Abraham
    It is good to say things in nice words. But you have to follow them up in deeds or actions. You outlined some solutions which is fine. We Ethiopian Muslims are not despising one sect over the other. It is okay if one sufi practices and one Salafi practices other. People will choose the right one. But the bad decision should be blamed on government. We Muslims have dealt with issues of religion in history. Ah Bash is no different. We Muslims have asharite and mutezilate type of thinking. The latter believe in reinterpreting Quran in interms of logic borrowing from Aristotle logic. The former believe in literal interpretation of Islam. 
    The problem with Weyane is he chose one group over the other citing jihad problems in the case of "whabism". How ever,jihad is not as such the big issue. Jihad is necessary when evils threaten Muslims. Now,is Ehaded evil? Well,it is becoming one for fear of change. 
    One problem with current intervention of weyane with Muslim affairs is to characterize others as terrorists". This fueled the anger. Simply,it was government who did all this mess adding fuel to the already dangerous actions the Weyane government has been doing with Axum people and other innocent oromos and Somalis and Afars who are just suspected just because their name is that of a Muslim as terrorists.
    Now,what kind of things are better for us to do? I also dont know why you said dont distort the history of Harar. The fact is Abdul Hariri was from Harar. But that does not make Harar any distorted. There many alims doing fine. 
    When it comes to our rights the so called "Sufi"islam as you suggest has not done any thing for Ethiopian because they dont preach about our problems. I am not calling them to be non Islam but they did little to raise our awarness on our Allah given rights. So what you may call:wahabis are to be commended in lifting the spirit of our people. That is why people all over the World are not liking this idea. At any rate if you thought Meles is alone in this Ah Bash project you are mistaken. Israel and the West in general and America in particular are in it. This must be corrected.
    What also I dont like about Ah Bash is they never voice any problem with the case of Muslims. They never say no to government interference. Hence,past Mejlis who were Sufi of course they are pious in their own right did little to uplift Muslims of Ethiopia,to go to school,to take high key positions,to take up arms and be generals and air force fighters ,be lawyers and medical people. They avoided any thing it has to do with education and only worked to promote business. This has indeed hurt our muslims. What I want is a Mejlis that builds not just Mesjids,but schools and universities and other good things. So far Mejlis is the 911 of all Ethiopian leaders. Government calls it only when there is Emergency issue and then ignores it. In order for Mejlis to be effective,it has to go to its people,and ask for support. Then it will have muscle to flex against some insensitive government interference. Let us get back our dignity. Our dignity starts from Mejlis. Mejlis needs a radical transformation and should begin mobilizing the sleeping force of Ethiopia the Muslims. 
    Second,we should start mobilizing the young and the people to seek power sharing. We are not any more satisfied with small mesjids. And then somebody stops worrying about Muslims.  We should take the heat to the government. If we keep Quite then no body will pay attention to us- that was our problem.
    Finally,going to the streets with government permission? That is funny. Why Weyane wants the people to go to the streets? If it knows it can solve it? or is this for political gain?
    Let us remember that when Weyane is face with hard questions he comes up with distraction. Ah Bash is an attempt to silence the people from wanting the government to recognize our rights. Our movement is not against Weyane alone. People are thinking we are just against Weyane. We are against those Weyane or non Weyane who oppose or don't believe in our cause. This is one of unsurmountable discrimination against Muslim citizens.
    We are not going to sit until someone calls us to leave. It is not even a matter of time before our people rise up. When they do,they are risign against the system of discrimination that has been passed all along since the time of Menelik in particular but has been there in different forms since after the death of King Negashi. With death of Negashi Ethiopian Muslims lost their dignity once again by those who violated the good relations between the cities of then Axum and Mecca. After his death,Muslims were pur outside of the Ethiopian ruling system and were subjugated to differential treatment by Priests and the people of the North at large.
    We should say Beka to this age old systematic oppression of people of various background. We Ethiopian Muslims should stand up for the rights of all Oppressed people.
    Thank you

  • milky

    the muslim umma should held togather this time than ever. i think if the muslims form one union and thalk with government they can solve the problem. they have to demonstrate on the puplic roads againist the mejlis(with government permision) other wise it gonna be conflict. but finally i would like to say that the truth is the only truly winner.

  • This is troubling to hear from Ethiopian(moslems) "wahabis or others" actively promoting bigotry against Ethiopian(moslems) called Ahbash. What is Ahbash's crime or sin? They collaborated with the government to spread so called Ahbash way of believe and more. Then what is the solution to this?   Was it to spread fear,hate and misinformation thereby further disintegrate the most oppressed Ethiopian moslems on earth.  
    You guys,falks grow up.  Lift your eye lid. Learn how to solve problems among ourselves. The demonstration was one way and asking the Ethiopian government to refrain from involvement in religion is another way. 
    Hatemongers can stirr more problems. They can lead you to extremism and even further. We don't want this to take place. Do not push others to become extremist. Ethiopian moslems were and are always peace loving population. 
    Ethiopian moslems should remind the government to abide by constitution and to promote the pluralistic values. Ethiopian moslems should learn from minority Egyptian coptics how to defend their rights and not to jump on each other's throat. Alahbash way far better than you guys. Their number are far less in Lebanon but have muscles. They own media,participate in the parliment to defend their rights etc. We Ethiopian moslems have zero power or leverage and therefore government despise us. Imagine calling public square to meskel square. Schools,hospitals,streets,squares,etc called in one religion name. Media,government,etc controlled by one one religion followers of the north. The list is long and yet you guys spread the venom or poison of hate here against your brother/sister.   
    To recap it: Alahbash or wahabi,etc should learn to live together even with our coptic christian followers. Tolerance is confusing word. It means stay away from each other at certain distance and hate each other. This kind of tolerance practiced in the northern part of Ethiopia for centuries and now we abhore this. Embrace love and peace for all.  And please do not distort the history of Harar. Thank you.

    • Wondu

      Bismillah alhamduluillah,
      I wih to sahre ith you the mesage I sent to an Ethiopin (who is dfending Ahbash and their Shaikh) that I contacted through Youtube. Here is the message:
      Re:Mulla Qari Al Hanafi on deviding TAwhid and he also quotes Ibn Al Qayyim
      Bismillah,Al Hamdulillah,

      Let start with Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani's rejection (based on Ibn Taymiya's opinion) of the part of the saying of Ali (radiallahu 'anahu) which was fabricated:
      "Wa Huwwa al aan 'alaa ma 'alaihi kaan". See Fath Al Bari Vol. 6 page 289

      It is fabricated and yet,I see Shaikh Abdullahi uses it to prove his Aqidah. Where is your confidence that you get confused when the Hafidh and Ameerul Mu;mineen of Hadith says it was not authentic and that Al Allametu Ibn Taymiyyah warned about it [nabbaha 'anhu al 'Allametu Taqiyudeen Ibn Taymiya).
      In contrast,Sh. Abdullahi quotes weak or fabricated ahadith to support his Aqidah.

      As you have shown in all your replies (except the pretence to reseach) I expect that you always try your best to defend your Madhab and NOT Islam.

      As for Combalcha (Wallo) and Gondor in ethiopia,the Muslims who are my people say the time of Atse Yuhannes (where Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity) returned with the brutality of thieves (Majlis memebers) and their master Meles. My Great Grandfathers scarified their lives to keep their faith and now Ahbash comes to take it away. Why does Ahabsh need the police and secret police force of a confirmed Kaffir and enemy of Islam to force-promte their aqidah?,except that they know their misguide way will be rejected and are on the wrong side of truth.

      Insha-Allah,as is the case of the heretic Nusayri Bashar of Syria (who will be removed from power),Meles'time is at its end. Even the Kuffar are tired of his excess. The Ahbash will be on the wrong side of history when these lands are liberated —and Ahbash will have only Israel to go to —even that untill it will be liberated.

      I will end my last message to you with behaviour of the great Aalim that the Ahbash hate the most (an Honor,because only the followers of Shaitaan will hate an authentic Imam of ther Muslims (remember what Ibn Hajar said about him) [It is the way of the Anbiya —as all the Imams of the 4 madhabs were tried with imprisonment and beating,and persevered in truth to protect the truth,and they became the beloved of the Ummah] –this is what he said about his imprisonment and enemies:

      Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) —like the Imamas before him never waver —regarded his imprisonment as a blessing that had been caused by his enemies.

      Ibn al-Qayyim said:One day he —meaning Ibn Taymiyah —said to me:What can my enemies do to me? My garden is in my heart;wherever I go it is with me and never leaves me. My detainment is seclusion (an opportunity for worship),my being killed is martyrdom,and being expelled from my city is a journey.

      When he was imprisoned,he used to say when prostrating:"O Allaah,help me to remember You,give thanks to You and to worship You well."Ma sha Allaah. He said to me (Ibn al-Qayyim) one day:The one who is really detained is the one who keeps his heart away from his Lord,and the real prisoner is the one is captive to his whims and desires. When he entered the citadel and was within its walls,he looked at it and said:"So a wall will be put up between them,with a gate therein. Inside it will be mercy,and outside it will be torment"[al-Hadeed 57:13]. Allaah knows that I have never seen anyone who was more content with his life than him,despite all the hardship that he experienced,and the lack of luxury and comfort,in fact the opposite of that,and despite the imprisonment,threats and exhaustion that he faced;despite all of that,he was the happiest of people with his life,the most content,the most courageous,the most satisfied. You could see the signs of joy and happiness in his face. When we felt afraid and were expecting calamity,and we had nowhere to turn,we would go to him and as soon as we saw him and heard his voice,all those fears disappeared and were replaced with contentment,courage,certainty and tranquillity. Glory be to the One who showed some of His slaves His Paradise before they met Him,and opened its gates to them when they were still in this world of deeds and actions,so some of its breezes and fragrance came to them,which made them devote their energy to seeking it and competing in attaining it. End quote.

      Injustices suffered in the cause of defending the truth,did not cause Ibn Taymiyyah to be vengeful and bitter,rather he truly forgave his enemies while he had the opportunity to take revenge. In a letter,sent to Syria soon after his release,he says,
      '…I do not want that anyone should be avenged for my suffering or for leveling false allegations against me,for I have already forgiven every one of them. I desire the well-being of every Muslim —the same as I desire for myself. All those persons who discredited me or deposed false evidence against me or caused trouble to me are not the least accountable so far as I am concerned;no responsibility lies upon them on my score.'[Abu Zahrah,Ibn Taymiyyah:Hayatuh wa Usuruhu wa Arauhu wa Fiqhuhu,p.62] This was only the first of the many times he was imprisoned and in every case,he forgave the perpetrators of the injustice against him and was patient with his fate. One of his opponents,Ibn al-Makhloof,the Maliki judge,said,'We did not see the likes of Ibn Taymiyyah;we incited against him but were not able to overpower him,when he was able to over-power us,he instead pardoned us and pleaded on out behalf.'

      The Muslims of Habasha will say the same,and the victory is always for the Waliyah of Allah —who rely on him and Not the Jews and the Christians as the Ahbash do. And the same will happen in Syria —ruled by Ahbash's protector heretic Alewi Shia. Do you NOT wonder why the Ahbash always find protectors in Hereic sects like Nusairis and Jews &Christians.

      And the Ahbash will continue with their signature Ibadah and tasbih —cursing,cursing,cursing ….

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